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The below brands are our distinctive actors today, go green with packaging!

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fashion & lifestyle

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Streetwear Fashion Brand in Hong Kong

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Fashion Brand in Hong Kong

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everyday goods

Handmade accessories brand in Hong Kong

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Second hand clothing brand in Hong Kong

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Second hand clothing brand in Hong Kong

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Embroidery Brand & Studio in Hong Kong

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Handicraft store based in Hong Kong

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Fashion brand in Hong Kong

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print house

Custom T-shirt Printing

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Debayn launched in March 2017 as a more versatile approach to men’s beach and swim shorts. 

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mazu resortwear

Māzŭ Resortwear is named after Māzŭ (or Matsu), the Chinese goddess who is said to protect seafarers. In paying respect to Asia's prolific seafaring history, we have created a story and a brand that symbolises the time that once was. A true blend of tradition and modernity, we pay homage to Hong Kong's rich maritime history; incorporating traditional colours, local motifs, and unique fabrics. 

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At Graphene-X we develop high-performance apparel from the strongest material on Earth. It's through materials science that we build products that empower you to live a boundless life. We believe in quality, not quantity. Our apparel is "scienced" to last. 

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F&B | Restaurants

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Plant based restaurant in Hong Kong

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green monday

A platform of plant-based lifestyle

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vega vega 我行我素

Vegetarian restaurant in Macau

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yufu abundance

Vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong and a platform of promoting sustainable living. Aiming to promote quality vegetarian food and the philosophy of symbiosis. 

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pâtisserie la lune

Mooncake made in Hong Kong

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impact berry

Hong Kong first active social and most sustainable coffee brand. Committed to make some of the best organic single origin coffees from Asian farms and collectives without any middleman and minimize bean travel times for a low footprint.

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meraki hospitality group

A Hong Kong based Hospitality Group obsessed with creating a destination with a sense of home.

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activity box

Hong Kong's craft subscription box for kids age 3 - 8

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Berit Legrand, Founder

#INVISIBLEBAG is innovative and what is needed in today’s society for the reduction of plastic waste. As a marine conservation organisation, we are thrilled to finally discover a product which is ocean-friendly and completely biodegradable. We thank Distinctive Action for their commitment and are honored to be their partner.

Greg Stockdale, Managing Director

Distinctive Action's #INVISIBLEBAG is a perfect solution for replacing plastic packaging. ActivityBox is always exploring new ideas and looking for creative solutions to improve ways to help kids and their parents enjoy fun, educational craft activities together at home. Partnering with Distinctive Action to design a customized #INVISIBLEBAG helps us deliver on our commitment to providing fun, safe and environmentally friendly products for families.



our distinctive partners

Distinctive Action and its #INVISIBLEBAG are recognized by the below non profit organizations.

Distinctive Action aims to create the community to raise the awareness of preserving the nature and sharing how to achieve sustainable living.

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the animal fund

The Animal Fund is a non profit marine conservation organization, run on volunteer labour, and based in France, Monaco and United Kingdom.


TAF was established in 2015 with its primary focus on protecting the ocean, dolphins and whales.


TAF’s mission is to inform on environmental issues and to find concrete solutions to protect the ocean and its marine life.


To learn more, visit them:

  • The Animal Fund Instagram
  • The Animal Fund Facebook
A plastic ocean foundation

A Plastic Ocean Foundation is a charitable organisation registered in Hong Kong, dedicated to creating a wave of change to stop plastic pollution and to be part of the solution through science, education and policy advocacy.

They are a group of dedicated scientists, educators, social entrepreneurs, scholars and journalists who are concerned about the fragile state of our ocean and are working together with other NGOs and the community to change attitudes towards plastic in one generation.

They are also the people that brought you the award winning feature-length documentary A Plastic Ocean, which has reached millions of viewers around the world and continues to astonish and move people to action each day.

  • A Plastic Ocean Foundation Facebook
A Plastic Ocean Foundation Logo.png


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