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#INVISIBLEBAG Garment M Size "Ocean Blue" from HK$1.50

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Product Details
See through transparent color.

Be #Invisible in water.


Size: 250mm (W) x 350mm (L) + 50mm (Flap) x 30micron (t)
Print: Limited Edition "Ocean Blue"
To support NGO "A Plastic Ocean Foundation" education program, to raise the awareness of protecting our ocean and nature.
Sealing Method: 2 options are available:
Pillow Seal (No Tape, No Plastic!)
Adhesive Tape (Not water-soluble but perfectly sealed your product!) (Will be back in stock in March)
Load Capacity: 1 kg - 2 kg
Airhole: No


#INVISIBLEBAG is water-soluble, compostable and biodegradable, certified that it is non-toxic, leaves no harmful residues on earth, does not form microplastic. It is not a plastic bag, it does not contain PP, PE, PET, PS, PVC. And It is an alternative solution for manufacturers and brands to replace the conventional plastic packaging.

Suitable for? Does it fit my business?

Replacing the conventional plastic poly bags, for clothing, accessories, electronics, any dry items, #INVISIBLEBAG is here for you.

How to dissolve it?

Remove or cut off the adhesive tape (it is not water-soluble) first, put 80 degrees celsius or above hot water on #INVISIBLEBAG in a container, stir it and leave it for a couple of minutes. After the dissolution, put down the drain. It breaks down into carbon dioxide and water by micro-organisms in the sewage treatment facility. It will also dissolve in cold or temperature water at a slower rate. Hence, put dry items only.

Is it a plastic bag?

We are happy to tell you "NO"!
It does not contain PP, PE, PET, PS, PVC. It is hot water-soluble. Hence, please put dry items only and avoid contact with water.

I am looking for more than 1,000 pcs or customized one, what should I do?
Please contact, within 47 hours 36 minutes 22 seconds, Distinctive Action Team will get back to you.

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